A Republican Caucus Veto On Raising Taxes


WHO/WHAT:        Governor Linda Lingle invites the public to join her as she vetoes tax increases passed by the Legislature that would be detrimental to Hawai‘i’s economic recovery and would cause further job loss.         The Governor will provide explanations, in full view of the public, as to why she is vetoing the following bills:         SB1111 – Increases the transient accommodation tax by 28 percent adding to the cost to visitors and residents staying at hotels, time-shares, bed & breakfasts, and motels.         HB1741 – Increases by up to 257 percent the conveyance tax home buyers, businesses, real estate developers, charities, non-profit organizations and other purchasers of all residential and commercial real estate must pay for transactions over $2 million.         HB1747 – Increases the personal income tax rate on 36,399 Hawai‘i income tax filers, sole proprietors and small businesses (S-corporations and partnerships) that file their business income as personal income. There are over 20,000 S-corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorship in Hawai‘i, which includes approximately 6,000 sole proprietors.         The public has a unique opportunity to join the Governor in making a difference to ensure these tax increases on Hawai‘i’s residents, businesses, investors and visitors do not erode our ability to recover from the current economic challenges.  Business owners, visitor industry leaders and employees, chambers of commerce, business associations, and other Hawai‘i residents who care deeply about the economic recovery of the state are expected to attend.         The Governor is still reviewing other tax increases passed by the Legislature. WHEN:        Thursday, May 7, 2009         3:30 p.m. WHERE:        Hawai‘i State Capitol, Rotunda

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