50th District Rep. Cynthia Thielen Does Not Support “Birther’s” Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy is Not the Case

50th District Representative Cynthia Thielen Does Not Support “Birther’s” Conspiracy Theory

HONOLULU – Yesterday, SB2937, Relating to Information Practices, was heard before the Judiciary Committee.  In a recent article by Mark Niesse, Associated Press, Representative Cynthia Thielen was quoted as saying “Do we really want to be known internationally as the Legislature that blocked any inquiries into where President Obama was born? When people want to get more information, the way to fuel that fire is to say, ‘We’re now going to draw down a veil of secrecy.'”

“What Mr. Niesse omitted was my quick statement that I do not believe in the ‘birther’s’ claims of a conspiracy regarding President Barack Obama’s citizenship,” the Representative said. “I do believe that government records should be public, except where there is a privacy right to-know such as with birth certificates.”  


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