Q: What does HECO charge the Navy per kilowatt hour per home?  Is it a flat rate or does it vary based on the load of the overall electrical grid? 

A: HECO does not charge the Navy per home.  The Navy is billed on a rate schedule, similar to other commercial customers, based on how much power they use from HECO.  The Kapilina housing project is served by the Navy’s distribution, which receives power from HECO’s Iroquois Pt. substation.  HECO does not know how NAVFAC bills its customers. Also, HECO cannot publicly disclose what it charges NAVFAC due to confidentially rules.

Q: What is HECO's responsibility during a power outage on the Navy-owned grid or an immediate repair issue?

A: During an outage on the Navy grid, NAVFAC HI is responsible for the repairs.  Any outages on the Hawaiian Electric side of the demarcation at the substation is Hawaiian Electric’s responsibility.  During outages on the Navy grid, Hawaiian Electric will de-energize the substation to ensure the safety of the NAVFAC repair crews.



For more on the HECO/Navy responsibilities during an outage, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FF4voVYr1sc